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Dream Big; Act Bold

Life Is Enjoying the Journey

If you had 5 minutes to change your life, I would say take a piece of paper and list all those things you keep procrastinating on. If you were free to do what you love, wouldn’t you be doing it? I know I do. I wake up, watch the sun, and am energized and motivated to start my day. Well, it wasn’t always like this.

By the time I reached the age of 50, I had lived by jumping thru hoops and over hurdles. Literally, in high school, I was track & field 400-yard hurdles. I have had many first days of school, the first day of college, a first job, a first child, a second job, lived in 4 states, and more life.

At 53, I lost my corporate job. I was not ready for that. But I was sure I did not want another corporate job. This was when I began the self-talk.

“I got this.”

“I want to smile every day.”

“I want happiness.”

“I want to live at the beach.”

All I knew was I had to try. I began to envision what I wanted happiness to be. My gut told me I was going to discover life after 53.

“I got this.” What do I want to do?

My mind was all over the place. I told myself, “one thing at a time.” My experiences taught me

I had courage.

I was strong.

This is my story because someone had to do it, and it would be me!

In three short months, I packed my things from New Jersey in a POD and headed south. What is a POD, you may wonder? It is a 10 x 10 metal box where you put everything you need in your life.

I knew that I had to find what was next.

I told myself, “Change can be good, right?”

With a new sense of purpose, I picked a spot on the map –can you guess where that spot was - Virginia Beach?

I moved to sunny Virginia Beach, a city just over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. You see, it was then I decided it was time to live the beach life, my best life. The thought of waking up and enjoying the sun rising out of the sea, my toes in the warm sand, and my hair blowing in the salty air were coming true. I said, “I’ll try it for a year. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll move on. Fast forward; that was six years ago!

My years here have been terrific.

I have had two jobs that were both fulfilling. I have more crossed-off lists of firsts and follow my passion daily. There is no “easy button” to illuminate the pathway. I have learned more about myself. It is now about the balance to have more wellness and happy experiences in my life. I am grateful for my courage. I wasn’t always sure what to do, but I knew I had to do something.

So, as I take another breath and let go, I trust that the next good things will happen.

Life is what you do. Enjoy the magic that is your happy life. Be sure to start your own journey.


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